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Membership in The Society of Applied Hypnosis is not for everyone. Our members are not certified based on an arbitrary number of hours spent in class, or on a list of books they are supposed to have read.

In order to become certified through the Society, our members have proved themselves to be skilled and knowledgeable in the practice of hypnosis.

All hypnotists certified through The Society of Applied Hypnosis have proven their skills to a live examiner, either in an SAH-approved class or through a one-on-one skills audit with a certified instructor. There is no other way to become certified through our organization. We offer no reciprocal memberships with other organizations and will never grant certification just because someone showed up for a training or paid a fee.

Our profession is growing, and The Society of Applied Hypnosis is the certification organization that you should look to for modern, professional hypnotists and instructors.

The Society of Applied Hypnosis is a certification and education organization.

The trainers certified through the SAH offer certification seminars which meet a strict set of guidelines in order to provide their students with the skills they need to progress from absolute novices to highly skilled professionals, ready to help their clients achieve their goals.

SAH-certified hypnotists and trainers have the distinction and honor of being able to tell their clients that they successfully proved their skills in order to gain their credentials.

Because all of our instructors follow the same training standards, and because the quality of their graduates reflects upon them, all Society-certified hypnotists possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide their clients with the best possible hypnosis experience.

SAH-certified hypnotists approach hypnosis with a modern mindset and a skill level unmatched by the average hypnotist working today.

Our member hypnotists are professionals whose goal is to help you get the results you desire.

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